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Marion Looby
Group of Women
Voting Scene
Basketball Game
Four Women and a Man in Costume
Women at Graduation
Three Women in Front of a Hedge
Group of Women at a Table
Three Women with a Canoe
Jeanne Eyman
Five Women in Front of a Door
Two Women with Suitcases Looking at the Westcott Building
Group of Women Sitting on a Car
F Club Members Victoria Lewis, Jean Lloyd, Elizabeth Jeffries, Winnifred Harding, and Evelyn Berry
Jean Lloyd and Dorothy Byant McGahagin
Esteren Group Picture
Victoria Lewis With Even Cheerleaders
Women on a Sailboat
Unidentified Woman
Women Demonstrating for Kavanaugh
Two Women Outside a Sorority House
John G. Kellum
Student Making a Face and Pointing Fingers
Two Students at a Restaurant
Vicki the Climber
Victoria Lewis, Jayne Rainey and Dorothy McGahagin
Group of Women at a Table
Dorothy Bryant McGahagin with Her Husband Alston McGahagin
Student Wearing a Cap and Gown
Westcott Fountain
Margaret Ellen Barfield
Victoria Lewis and Friend in Balancing Pose at Camp Flastacowo
Woman at a Desk
Women Cooking
Victoria Lewis, F Club Member
Women Boarding Buses
Unidentified Woman
Nellie-Bond Dickinson
Victoria Lewis and Alston McGahagin
FSCW Marching Band next to Bryan Hall
Victoria Lewis
Woman with a Bow and Arrow
Ruby Ebert "Bert" Page
Women Performing in Costume
Students Performing on Stage
Marjorie Lambert Graham
Jere Turner
Dr. Harold Richards