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Alain Robbe-Grillet's use of phenomenological time in the Voyeur and Jealousy
Nitric oxide and energy balance: Systemic nitric oxide synthase inhibition augments food intake after fasting
Explosive cyclongenesis: some results from a linear, moist baroclinic model.
Influence of colon inflammation on bladder function in the rat
Equivalence of combinatoral problems
Electrosettling of colloidal and non-colloidal particles in sewage water and the effect of coagulants: preliminary studies
Influence of estrogen on the micturition threshold of the rat
The fishes of the Apalachicola Bay system with reference to life history, abundance, distribution, and species diversity
Report of audit of Flambeau books for period of September 22--February 2, 1940
Reconstructing Juan del Encina's second carnival eclogue
Eddy heat and moisture flux contributions and trade wind inversion
Microhemodynamics of stenosis domains: The role of cholesterol adsorption on stenosis formation
The effectiveness of hypnosis on providing emotional control for conduct problem adolescents
Employee theft in the retail industry
The relationship between illusion of control and sex-roles
Race and housing for the poor: Savannah, Georgia
Gender differences in goal orientation and response styles: how does participation in sports play a role?
The ideology of unemployment : A content analysis
Understanding the "hard to get" phenomenon
The necromancer and child of magic: two one-act plays to be performed in the same evening
Exploring race relations and social groups on campus
The last fog
The French connection :A subsistence analysis of the Oyster Bay site Canaveral National Seashore, Florida
Fletcher's Folly? the Cross-Florida Canal from 1908 to 1936
Impossible Waters by Rafael Courtoisie
Melt and solid state misciblility in blends of polyolefins under different mixing conditions
More than houses: what is necessary to promote the upward mobility of youth of low-income homeowners in a southern city
Madison, the advocate
Some problems in the philosophy of mind
The use of extra-retinal information in controlling smooth eye movements
The commercialization of outer space : problems confronting business and law on the 'final frontier'
Peace after patriarchy: comparing issues of women's self-development in Bedrock and Burning Questions.
Functional Assessment: the parent collateral FARS.
Two essays on Samuel Beckett: motif analysis of the "Nothing," the "End," and the "On" and their significance within Beckett's fiction
Visual pathways in dark reared albino mice
Demographic factors and population-related policy: St. Petersburg, Florida
Dostoevsky's mysticism: the rhetoric of silence
Surviving, poetically, pending revolution*
The processing of functionally ambiguous sentences and nominalizations
The social significance of political curruption
Dichotomy in middle-earth: Concordia et superbia
Who has the honor in the honor system?
Causal attributions for failure in achievement situations of learning disabled and normally achieving children: A longitudinal study
Differences in family and environmental factors among substance abusing adolescents and adolescent controls
The existentialism of Soren Kierkegaard as seen in Graham Greene's, The End of the Affair and A Burnt-Out Case
German and American initiative in World War II
The role of expectancy in the development of an aggressive behavioral response set
The malleability of eyewitness confidence: The effects of questioning