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High temperature compatible insulation for superconductors and method of applying insulation to superconductors
Fermentation of trichoderma reesei and apparatus therefor
Method of locating a fault in a power distribution system comprising at least one microturbine distributed resource
9-desoxotaxanes and process for the preparation of 9-desoxotaxanes
C9 hydrido, hydroxy and acyloxy taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Purified linear epitopes from cashew nuts, nucleic acids encoding therefor, and associated methods
Polyolefins having reduced crystallinity
Alignment of carbon nanotubes using magnetic particles
Modular synthesis of graphene nanoribbons and graphene substructures from oligo-alkynes
Probabilistic password cracking system
C9 taxane derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Self insulating substrate tape
10-desacetoxytaxol derivatives
Method for identifying naphthenates in a hydrocarbon containing liquid
Polyelectrolyte complex films for analytical and membrane separation of chiral compounds
1MHz scalable cascaded Z-source inverter using gallium nitride (GAN) device
Wide bore high field magnet
Polymer mechanical damping composites and methods of production
Split Florida-helix magnet
.beta.-lactams used in preparing taxol
Magnetic particle composition for therapeutic hyperthermia
Method for small-signal stability assessment of power systems using shunt current injection source side and series voltage injection load side perturbations
Process and apparatus for the production of high strength polymer composite structures
Method for small-signal stability assessment of power systems using source side and load side perturbations and generalized Nyquist criterion
Membrane proteins, mechanisms of action and uses thereof
Aluminum oxide particle strengthened niobium-tin superconducting composite wire
Method and system for generating and using digital fingerprints for electronic documents
C9 taxane derivatives
Hydrophobic fluorinated polyelectrolyte complex films and associated methods
Carbon nanotube and nanofiber film-based membrane electrode assemblies
Method for preparation of taxol
Apparatus for measuring fluid flow
Using light to regulate uterine contractions
High energy density electrochemical capacitors
Method of treating multiple sclerosis with anti-K6 antibody
Tricyclic taxanes having an alkoxy, alkenoxy or aryloxy substituted side-chain and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Serial bearing assembly
Damping motor and control approach for mitigating torsional backlash, damping critical geartrain speeds, and providing improved torque control in mechanical gears
C10 carbamoyloxy substituted taxane compositions
Method of locating a fault in a power distribution system comprising at least one distributed resource having a controllable voltage source converter
Pharmaceutical compounds comprising polyamines substituted with electron-affinic groups
Nasal delivery mechanism for prophylactic and post-acute use of progesterone and/or its enantiomer for use in treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries
Process for selective derivatization of taxanes
.beta.-lactams as taxol intermediates N-acylated
CFTR genes and proteins for cystic fibrosis gene therapy
Nucleic acid and allergenic polypeptides encoded thereby in cashew nuts
Tumor resistance and sodium/ diffusion MRI
Electric joint design to be used in electromagnetic coils made with high-temperature superconducting tape, aspected wire, or cable
Systems and methods for improving the ability of a power delivery system to withstand multiple failure events
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) expansion methods and materials