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Ruth Dale
May Day Festival
Odd Demonstration
Person with Back Turned
People Shaking Hands
Swimming Varsity and Runners Up
Senior Soccer Team 1930-1931
Bryan Hall
Torch Night Ceremony
Odd Demonstration 1930
Costumed Students Spring 1931
Junior Field Hockey Team 1931-1932
Four Puppies
Senior Field Hockey Team 1930-1931
S. Margaret House
Student Next to Clotheslines
Torch Night Ceremony
Odd Volleyball Team 1931-1932
Junior Field Hockey Team 1930-1931
Students in Humorous Poses
Volleyball Team
Couple Standing Next to Car
Students Interacting on Stairs
Katherine Williams Montgomery
Tip-off of Sophmore-Freshman Game
Walks from Jenny Murphree and Reynolds Halls
Helen Clara Geffcken
Odd Volleyball Team 1929-1930
Christine Stenstrom
Volleyball Team
Spring Goats Initiation 1931
Doctor Faust Puppet Show
Junior Basketball Team 1930-1931
Students in Humorous Poses Spring 1931
Performers on Stage
Torch Night Ceremony
Eloise Goza
Odd Demonstration
Even Demonstration 1930
Odd Demonstration
Even Demonstration 1930
Two Women with Whistles
Backview of Dorms and Power Plant
Sophmore Volleyball Team 1931-1932
Mary Lee Davis
Students Canoeing
Dorothy White
Marion Mason
Doctor Faust Puppet Show
May Day