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Winch Detail for Travelers 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Auditorium
Wilmington School Auditorium Stage Plans
Headblock and Loftblock Plan
12 3/4" Dia. Steel Drum Grooved for 1/2" Dia. Cable, 10,000# CAP
Scene Control, Murray Circuit Breaker Mounting Bracket
School Auditorium Stage Plans
Dobesch Associates Request for Estimate Movie Theater
220 V, 60~ 30 Motor 110V, Control
Dartmouth College Wagon Stage Houses
Scene Control Terminal Strips
Drive Unit Detail- Revolving Stage
A. E . Miller Theatre Stage Plans
Hanover College Stage Layout
Virgil The Magician Telescopic Track
Clancy Motorized Mule
Valley Stream C.H.S Stage Plans
Counterweight Plate Details
Warsaw Elevator Company Organ Console and Orchestra Pit Lifts
Seatrain Mount Block Installation
Clancy STD Pipe Tape Suction And Discharge Rotary Pump
George Washington University Proposed Plan of Stage Curtain Layout
Clancy Motorized Winch Steel Weight
Wetherbee Electric Co. 4 Lead GE Motors
Weehawken High School Plans Looking From Backstage
Winch Ass'y for Acoustical Damping Curtains
The Gault Institute Stage Rigging
Wiring Diagram For 110V 60 Cy S-PH Control With One More Push Button Station Hooked Up In Series
Base Detail for No. 1 Light Pipe Winch
Capitol Theater Details of Placing Blocks and Hanging Curtains all But Asbestos Curtain
Pan American Airways Detail of Braille Curtain
Lumode Equipment Company View of Single and Three Way Head Block
Hammond Civic Auditorium Plan of Elevation, Plan of Curtains
Brake Band BB2 Angles
14 GA. .0747 C.R. Strip STL.
Key C1018 C.R.S
855-Under Hung
Cine El Pinar Sets Hung From Ceiling
Asbestos Curtain Machine
Radio City Music Hall Curtain Control Connection-110-or 220 Volt
Elev. Rigging for Acoustical Damping curtains at Line "C"
Texarkana Scenic Co. Suggested Plan Layout Cyclorama Curved Walk Around
Wiring Diagram For DC Starter And Motor For 3/4 HP DC Contour Curtain Machine
Special Handle For No. 533 Safety Rope Clamp
Wiring Diagram Clancy Asbestos Curtain 208V Control
Upper Locking Rail Details
Cylinder Location and Shafting Layout
220V,60~,30 Motor 220V, Control
School Auditorium
Little Theatre Curtain Rigging
Clancy Counter Balance System