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Rush, L. Reece, and Burr on Field Day
Fox News Movie Man
The Haunted House
Student Wearing "Rat Cap" on Sophomore Day
Students at Sophomore Day Event
Rose Nasrallah, Piano Student of Ella Scoble Opperman
Tumbling Class
Sophomore Basketball Team
"The Honeymoon Hike"
"Your Loving Aunt Emily"
"Odd Fountain"
"To the Haunted House"
Camp Flastacowo
Dr. Lewis and Dr. Kurz at Senior-Faculty Baseball Game
F Club Members
"The Honeymoon Hike"
Freshman-Junior Wedding
Freshmen Bowing to Sophomores on Sophomore Day
Freshmen Bowing to Sophomores on Sophomore Day
"At Tallahassee Girl's Home"
"The Honeymoon Hike"
Even Volleyball Team
"Jumping Jacks"
Jewell Genevieve Cooper on  Her Graduation Day
Jeanette McLemore
Students Wearing "Rat Caps" on Sophomore Day
Magda Orosz
Margaret Laura Potter
Student at Camp Flastacowo
Students Wearing "Rat Caps" on Sophomore Day
Dr. Van Brunt
FSCW Faculty Member
Verta and Sylvia Cooking Sunday Dinner
"Even Gate"
The Dock
Upper Dining Room
"Cow Chorus"
The Gulf
L. Reece, Stenstrom, and Verri
"Duchess of Dunbar"
Bride's "Family" at the Freshman-Junior Wedding
Nathaniel Moss Salley
Viola Russell
Odds vs. Evens Volleyball Game
Helen Margaret Ferree, Instructor in Physical Education