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Tillie Geiger (Odd Demonstrations)
Sophomore Council
Camp House
Sonny Phillips
Woman in Costume (Even Demonstrations)
Lamar and Mathewson (Odd Demonstrations)
Odd Demonstration - Sailor Chorus (Junior Minstrel)
Education Building
Betty Bell
Prime Minister - Betty Dunn (Fealty)
Back of Auditorium
Lily Pond
Hockey Match
Broward Hall (Residence)
Elaine Hatchell and Fulton Lytle (Presbyterian Conference)
Kappa Delta (Sorority Houses)
Van Delden and Pope (Odd Demonstrations)
Group Photo (Soccer)
Administration Building FSCW
FSCW Special Bus
Nancy Lutz
Inaugural Address - Gov Dave Sholtz (Inauguration)
Swimming in the Physical Education Building Pool
Jimmie Lewis and G. Mathewson (Fealty)
Freshman Commission
Betty Earle
Inauguration Parade Scene
Bugler (Presbyterian Conference)
Court Jester - B. Autrey (Fealty)
Two People in Costumes (Even Demonstrations)
Group Photo (Volleyball)
Hay Ride Group Photo (Spirogira)
Orange Council (Presbyterian Conference)
Clemintine Newman
Eleanor Haight
Dr. Edward Conradi
Passing on the Seal of State of Florida (Inauguration)
Genie Mathewson (Swimming)
Natural Dancing (Orchesis '32)
Group Photo ("F" Club Goats)
Monkey Chorus Even Demonstration
Marjorie Mackey
M. Phillips - Basketball Throw (Track and Field)
The Water Bug (Spirogira - Esteren Camp)
Junior Team (Basketball)
B. Hooper - Baseball Throw (Track and Field)