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Mildred Pepper and unidentified woman sitting on porch
Mildred Pepper, standing in front of an Army truck, with unidentified woman and man
Mildred Pepper wedding picture with her sister Kate Fuller
Mildred Pepper dining with a group
Studio portrait of Mildred Pepper
Mildred Pepper with a White House tour group
Studio portrait proof of Mildred Pepper
Mildred and Claude Pepper at an Army fund raiser
Mildred Pepper talking on the telephone at a campaign office
Proof photograph of Mildred Pepper
Mildred Pepper seated wearing a white dress
Mildred and Claude Pepper standing with a woman
Mildred Webster Pepper and sisters in formal dresses
Mildred Pepper giving a speech at an annual worship service, The City Under One God, at Bayfront Auditorium
Lucretia Louise Del Valle Grady and her daughter, Patricia Louise Grady Davies with members of an International Ladies group
Mildred Pepper holding a toddler
Studio portrait proof of Mildred Pepper
Monkeys on a boat
Proof portrait of Mildred Pepper
Studio portrait of Mildred Pepper
Studio portrait of Mildred Pepper
Two men riding an elephant
Mildred Pepper and others at a luncheon at Warner Brothers Studio
Group of five women sitting on couch with Mildred Pepper in the center
Mildred Pepper standing on staircase in formal gown
Mildred Pepper in a greenhouse
Mildred Pepper and Puerto Rican Gov. Blanton Winship during tour of the New York World's Fair
Mildred Pepper standing with unidentified man in front of house
Launch of the S.S. Sea Quail
Photograph of painting of Mildred Pepper by Howard Chandler Christy
Mildred Pepper in her living room
Mildred and Claude Pepper sitting by a fountain
Publicity photograph of Mildred Pepper seated at her vanity
Jeanne Levey, Mildred Pepper and Bob Hope at dedication of Bob Hope Parkinson Research Center
Publicity photograph of Mildred Pepper doing housework
Mildred Pepper with members of the Florida Skaters who were competing in the National Rollerskating Championship
People at a Crittenton Circle luau
Mildred Pepper receiving a bouquet of flowers
Launch of the S.S. Sea Quail
Mildred Pepper and Gladys Lloyd Robinson posing on a ship
Mildred Pepper with astronaut Frank Borman, Betty Wickerire, and Joe Timilty at party
Mildred Pepper and unidentified people watching a waterfall
Mildred Pepper standing by railing with Nellie Ross and Marie McCurry
Two people riding an elephant in a river
Woman posing on a dock
Mildred Pepper looking at flowers in a green house
Mildred Pepper posed with friends in front of the Washington Monument
Mildred Pepper seated with a group at the Surf Club
Mildred Pepper talking to Genevieve Tabouis at an event
Group posing in front of a house