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Francis, Antonett, and Dorothy in golf clothes
Flowers on Grandmother Nora King's grave
Claude and Mildred Pepper with members of the Webster family.
Mr. and Mrs. Brickman standing with Webster
Thomas P. Webster in a dark suit
Three men on a boardwalk
Newspaper clipping and picture of Irene Webster holding a line of fish
Mr. and Mrs. Brickman in front of a fountain
Portrait of Vera King
Major Joe Pepper at a desk
Nephews of Mildred Pepper
Joe Pepper and other servicemen
Bill with a child, William Webb
Several children standing in driveway
Several people swimming
Home of Thomas and Irene Webster
Flowers at the funeral of Thomas P. Webster
Mary Ann Gallagher on a beach
Webster family photograph
Joe Pepper in front of military barracks
Mildred Pepper swimming
Joe Pepper with a couple
Downtown Sarasota during a pageant
Pepper family portrait
Irene Webster and man holding a fish on a line
Mildred Pepper and her sisters at a gas station
Mildred Pepper with Marie Snyder and Col. J. Flanagan
Portrait of Dr. Marvin King
Sarah Pepper sitting at a table
Man with two large fish
Bascom Webster with children
Photo postcard
House in the country
Irene Webster posing with three women
Pepper family Christmas photo
Claude Pepper with his mother Lena Pepper
Young woman in a black dress
Young woman in a white dress
Photo postcard of Lakeside Inn Veranda
Mildred Pepper and Irene Webster standing on boat deck with two women
Studio portrait of young girl
Woman in dark coat and hat
Young girl in chair
Boy holding two fish
Joe W. Pepper Sr.
Irene Webster and three people holding lines of fish
Christmas at the Pepper home
Pepper family Christmas photo
Woman standing next to a rocking chair
Wedding party pictures