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Florida State University Skiff Registrations
Dr. Herrnkind and unknown woman untangling Fishnet
Unknown man
Marine Biology Staff member doing a demonstration
Great Blue Herons
Marsh View
Visitors viewing the Baymouth Bar seashell Display
Abandoned Fishing Boat near Shore
Dr. Hermkind showing his class a Chilomycterus Schoepfi (striped burrfish)
FSU Ocean Atmospheric Fair Representative talking with visitors
Man holding a rope
Kids participating in Sidewalk Chalk Art Activity
Student holding clear gel substance in hand
Marine Lab Boat Cruising on the Ocean
Two Men Handling a Fish
Pat Hamilton and unknown lady
Larvae Needle Nose Fish
Two Men Viewing Classification of Grouper Fish
View of water
Individuals looking for Mollusca
Student examining starfish
Individuals on a fishing trip
University of Miami Cruise
Dr. Bill Herrnkind lecturing
Individuals on a fishing trip
Neg #7
Sand Dollars
Boats at Docking area
Student looking at specimen through microscope
Kids viewing specimens under microscope
Saturday at the Sea participant holding horseshoe crab
Dr. Bill Herrnkind lecturing on Seagrass Beds
Dr. Herrnkind's class leaving fishing dock by boat
Coastal Habitat Class viewing sand dollars
Worker's Compensation Insurance and Bonds
FSU Marine Biology Faculty member discussing sea snails behaviors
LightHouse Near Water
Classroom FSUML
Individuals on a fishing trip
Dr. Herrnkind's class waiting to leave fishing dock
Underwater Project
Photo of Ourdoor Marine Lab
Customers at Wharf on Wheels Mobile Restaurant
FSU Ocean Atmospheric Fair Turtle Booth
Individuals on a fishing trip
Diver on the Ocean Floor
Phylum Mollusca species