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Odessa, Ukraine. Harbor scenes
Rome. Paul Dirac walking with others at the Academy of Lincei
Letter to Dr. Dirac, June 5, 1928
Cincinnati. Paul Dirac and E. P. Wigner in group portrait at Xavier University
Lindau. Paul Dirac; very close photograph of face
Letter from the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences Nobel Commitee for Physics inviting Paul Dirac to submit proposals for possible candidates for the Nobel prize for Physics for 1972
General Calculations
England. An emu
Letter of thanks to Paul Dirac from Masao Kotani
Lindau. Paul Dirac on a dock, carrying his overcoat
Letter to Dr. Dirac, December 3, 1927
Paul Dirac in a crowd of others sitting and talking
Notes from Lecture of Paul A. M. Dirac given in India
Holland. Paul Dirac on a bench at seaside
Letter to Dr. Dirac, April 27, 1927
Clay model of a bust of Paul Dirac in K. Harald Isenstein's studio in Cambridge
Formal portrait of Florence Dirac
Letter to Dr. Dirac, July 27, 1927
Coral Gables, Florida. Paul Dirac at a lectern
Princeton. Institute for Advanced Studies. Paul Dirac, Oppenheimer, and Pais conversing in the common room
Exercise Book
Handwritten letter by Paul Dirac in 1978 for the nomination of Abdus Salam as a candidate for the Nobel prize for Physics
Paul Dirac and others in K. Harald Isenstein's studio in Cambridge
University of Bristol Terminal Examination
Lindau. Audience at an event Paul Dirac attended in Germany
Leningrad. Paul Dirac sitting with six unidentified men
Postcard to Dr. Dirac, August 17, 1927
Coral Gables, Florida. Portrait of Paul Dirac
Russia. Paul Dirac in a wooded area, levering down a tree
Letter addressed to Mancy from Harish
Mary Elizabeth and Tony Colleraine toasting aboard a boat
Balatonföldvár, Hungary. Unidentified girl in dress posing for a photo as the wind blows
Clay model of a bust of Paul Dirac in K. Harald Isenstein's studio in Cambridge
University of Bristol Final Examination for the Degree of B.Sc. And for the Degree of B.Sc. With Honours, Part I.
Budapest, Hungary. View of the city from a window
Vancouver. Paul Dirac and unidentified woman sitting on Crown Mountain
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Letter to Dr. Dirac, April 13, 1927
Kassel 9 June 1927. Garden scene
Margit and Paul Dirac together on a windy day
Lindau. Paul Dirac at dining table
Field Theory and Matrices
Japan. Paul Dirac and man on a bench overlooking a body of water
New Orleans. Paul Dirac with another man at a zoo
Portishead. Beach scene. Dirac family wading and sitting on the shore
Definite Integrals
Tallahassee. Margit Dirac, Paul Dirac's widow, and John Albright outside Schwartz Lecture Hall at Florida State University
Letter to Dr. Dirac, March 15, 1927
Margit Dirac, Joe Lannutti, and one other man
Paul Dirac laying on grass