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Group of swimmers in bathing caps
Group of four women talking to a man
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Woodcox on a greeting card
Conference of labor officials
Inter-Parliamentary Union Bulgarian Conference reception
Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre at political event
Inscribed photograph of the Gleason's
Robert Ringling and other men with Babe the elephant
Studio portrait of Arturo Di Filippi
Inter-Parliamentary Union Bulgarian Conference reception
Delegation dinner for Ambassador and Mrs. Coons
Franklin D. Roosevelt Centennial celebration
Man sitting amid a large group of children
Colorized portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Naval officer speaking into microphone hanging from rope
Harry Lyons holding up fish and rod
Inter-Parliamentary Union Bulgarian Conference reception
Inter-Parliamentary Union Bulgarian Conference reception
Unidentified man and woman at dinner table
Three women posing in front of a lake
Mrs. Ann Davis shown sitting at her desk
Women at a costume event
Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre at political event
Joe Blumenthal receiving an award and proclamation
Inscribed portrait of Senator Harry F. Byrd
Inscribed military portrait of Hope Strong Jr.
Harris & Ewing display portraits of the 1905 and 1939 Senates
The inauguration of President Jimmy Carter
Inscribed portrait of Enid Broward Hardee
Brad Culverhouse posing with two men on an international trip
Inscribed portrait of James M. Hamer
Inscribed portrait of Iowa Senator Guy M. Gillette
Woman standing in front of a house
Speaker and bandstand at an Armistice Day Parade
Christmas card with photo from the Heywood Mason family
Signed portrait of a ballerina
Members of the United States delegation attending Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting
Inscribed portrait of Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill
Marketplace in Morocco
Military portrait of Cadet David Keith Colbert
Unidentified man talking on microphone hanging from rope
Small group on street under an archway
Inscribed portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey
Two women by large bushes
Portrait of Mrs. Edward G. Robinson
Portrait of Hubert H. Humphrey
Nebraska Representative Robert V. Denney
Military portrait of 2nd Lt. Kelly
Woman and two men in architect's office
Ben Willis wearing goggles