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Comparison of coefficients for different summation expansions
Analysis of cubic, quartic, and quintic expansions
"mn + 1 = p is a prime…"
Analysis of factors using modular arithmetic
Analyses related to cubic and quintic polynomial equations
Permutations and coefficients of five elements
Solution of general quartic polynomial equation, using substitution
Manipulations of matrices involving four unknowns
"For any letter we can substitute throughout the identity any expression containing a new letter..."
Comparing coefficients of terms of expansions
Permutations: four chosen from four; five chosen from five
Solution of general cubic and quartic equations
Multiplication of expressions involving cube roots
Organized analysis of factors
Analysis associated with reduced quintic polynomial equation
Random calculations
Terms, coefficients, and equations
Investigating permutations of five terms
Solving a reduced quintic polynomial equation with substitution
Polynomial Eqs 1
Expressions and equations of varying degree
Cubic equation investigation (also includes listing of permutations of five elements)
Fifth-degree polynomial equations
Permutations of four elements
Possible identification of roots of a given quartic equation
Product of terms set equal to simple sums
Third-, fourth-, and sixth-degree polynomial equations
"All given identities are normal": Observations and Identities
Primes and factors, with matrices as a representation
Solution of a system of equations using matrices
Partial derivatives involving multiple variables
Quintic expansions, with comparison of coefficients
"n is an odd prime, a, b, c are integers…"
Patterned sequences of coefficients
Circuitry/electricity physics problem
"For any letter we can substitute throughout the identity any expression."
"The deduction could be written": Continuation of a problem
"If an identity with n letters is to be true…"
Manipulations on an equation involving six unknowns
Expansions of products of quartic polynomial expressions
"s is a power of n"
Combinatorics Collection
Sequences of integers with integer exponents
Investigating permutations
Analysis of primes and factors using modular arithmetic
Composition of various degreed expressions
"To obtain a particular case by putting two letters the same."
Production of multiple equations in many unknowns
Logarithmic equations