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April 1994 Pinning Ceremony
Orange Avenue
Florida State University Skiff Registrations
Basketball Game
Woman Standing Outdoors, Identified as "Alvan"
Butler Property
Cypress Tree Scene
Marion Looby
Tillie Geiger (Odd Demonstrations)
Fine Arts Building
Student Nurses Association, 2002
Student Preparing Breakfast
Florida State College for Women Catalogue
Kaufman, Rodger
Rudy Thomas No.33 of FSU Gains 4 Yards Against Alabama
Shaw, Sliger, Morgan, and Johnson
Classroom in the Art Building
Faculty Senate Minutes
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Albany, Georgia
Gunter Building
Black & White Photos of Nursing Instruments
Zeller, Kathy
Learning Resource Center Staff
Katherine Rogers Wade, 2001 Scholarship Recipient
Daisy Chain for Commencement Week Activities
Dr. Herrnkind and unknown woman untangling Fishnet
For Profit Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers
Dr. Gordon W. Blackwell, President, with students
Unknown man
Dancers between rehearsals
Ruth Dale
Marine Biology Staff member doing a demonstration
Dallas Albritton, Dr. Doyle, Mr. Eikman, Roberta Heford, and Carl Beeler in discussion
Tallahassee Lake Elberta FAMU
Maurice E. Dennis III
Mary Lou Norwood
Artist in the Community Series
Ardyce Napier, Cherry Corbin, Pat Arrants, and June Hamilton at the Home Management House
2004 Hurricane Frances Relief - Brevard County
The Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation, Inc.: The Foundation Students
Toni Leto
Marjorie Mayer, Swimming
Activity Report Y2Q3
Students, 1990s
Down Yonder
Two Tarpon Club members at side of pool
tango project
Great Blue Herons