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Field Specimen 1233
April 1994 Pinning Ceremony
Letter from John MacKay to Dad
Group of swimmers in bathing caps
Mildred Pepper and unidentified woman sitting on porch
The Girl's Own Paper. Volume 15
Orange Avenue
Florida State University Skiff Registrations
Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus chariot races
2002, Photo 291
Posthole Test Analysis 21
Basketball Game
Posthole Test Analysis 1582
Woman Standing Outdoors, Identified as "Alvan"
Mildred Pepper, standing in front of an Army truck, with unidentified woman and man
Butler Property
Voice of the First Baptist Church
Odessa, Ukraine. Harbor scenes
Level 28, 270-280cmbd
Cypress Tree Scene
Rome. Paul Dirac walking with others at the Academy of Lincei
Posthole Test Analysis 354
Marion Looby
Florida NOW Times
Welcome to Wroship
Winch Detail for Travelers 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Auditorium
Formal portrait of a man
Voice of First Baptist Church
Tillie Geiger (Odd Demonstrations)
The First Baptist Bulletin
Francis, Antonett, and Dorothy in golf clothes
Flowers on Grandmother Nora King's grave
Fine Arts Building
Snapshot from a visit to a Seminole Indian tribe
Student Nurses Association, 2002
2002, Photo 116
Student Preparing Breakfast
Lion's Tale: 1983. 45
The Girl's Own Paper. Volume 3
Letter to Dr. Dirac, June 5, 1928
Letter from Evi Leib to Giulia Kortischoner, 1940-04-10
Group of four women talking to a man
Ernest I. Thomas, Jr. letter to his mother, Martha Thorton Thomas, September 21, 1943
U.S. Naval Message from Farenholt 1418 to Richard H. Leigh
Pinellas NOW News
Flagler County Letter
PondE October 10 1986