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Judge Pierre Crabitès
William R. Hackley Diary
Bird meat shop, ducks
Savior from Civilization
French Law Book
Questions penales et penitentiaires
Star-Spangled Consciousness
Italian Occupations of Ethiopia and Cephalonia
Letter from Mia Hasterlik to Giulia Kortischoner, 1945-04-16
Advertiser and State Gazette
Le Nain Brothers' Peasant Family in an Interior
Charles IV
Memphis Daily Appeal
Historia de las biografias de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Letters from J.W.C. Turner to diplomats, February, 1944
Letter to J.W.C. Turner from Andreas Aulie, 24th May, 1943
Leon Radzinowicz's degree of Licencie en droit
Daily Capital
Letter to Mr. Turner, 8.7.1943
Letter to Turner from Arnold D. McNair, December 23rd, 1941
Letter to J.W.C. Turner, Nov. 26th, 1943
Citations in German and French
[Banknote, 86 September 30 BCE, of Apellas... to Protarchos, banker]
Black Crime, White Racism
Shimokitazawa shopping district
Slavery and Its Aftermath
Note to Mr. Turner from M. Fry, 19 July, 1943
Note from Lieutenant Colonel O'Kennelly
Pork Politics
Cut from Different Cloth
Veterans at War
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Envelope for Leon Radzinowicz from the League of Nations
Perspectives on Infantry
To the Founders and Members of the Inter-Allied Penal Commission established in Cambridge on 14 November, 1941
History of English Criminal Law and its Administration: Vol. 1
1942 Enactment for the Defence of the Norwegian State
Law Journal
Jobs and the Criminal
Unfolding Rome
Letter to Arnold McNair from J.W.C. Turner, 17 February, 1942
British Concentration Camps of the Second South African War (The Transvaal, 1900-1902)
Ontological Argument and an Inquiry into the Possibility of God
Washington Weekly Chronicle
Letter from Alice Sigerist to Giulia Kortischoner, 1945-11-15
Act passed by the Legislative Council of Florida, entitled An act   to raise a revenue in the Territory of Florida
Daily Dispatch
Societe des nations