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Basketball Game
Woman Standing Outdoors, Identified as "Alvan"
Cypress Tree Scene
Marion Looby
Tillie Geiger (Odd Demonstrations)
Daisy Chain for Commencement Week Activities
Ruth Dale
Mary Lou Norwood
Marjorie Mayer, Swimming
Westcott Building and Fountain
Sophomore Council
Mildred Hall and an Unidentified Woman Kneeling on a Bench
Group of Women
Azalea Nudiflorum
Camp House
Women at Field
Margaret J. Boylen
Memory Book of the Class of 1932 Title Page
Elizabeth (Bette) Evans Pictured with Friends Around a Table in the Kappa Delta House
Women on Field Talking
Crowning of the May Day Queen of 1932
Helen Ferree, Gym Teacher
Two Florida State College for Women fencing class students engaged in fencing activity
Sonny Phillips
Woman in Uniform
Voting Scene
Woman Standing with Sundial
Istalena Medlin With A Dog
Man in Suit Sleeping on a Bench
May Day Festival
Sarah Clementine Newman
Woman Outside Dressed for Sports
Florence Gregory Sitting on a Bench by a Tree
"Home - at the Annex"
Four Women
Woman in Costume (Even Demonstrations)
Lamar and Mathewson (Odd Demonstrations)
Odd Demonstration
Odd Demonstration - Sailor Chorus (Junior Minstrel)
Dorothy Leach
Basketball Game
Education Building
Mildred Henderson
Betty Bell
Marion Stine Senior Prom 1921
Eight Women Outside
Minna Dunn
Rowena Longmire
Dance on May Day