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Street Scene in the Snow
Students Looking at a Book
Woman Outside Dressed for Sports
"Home - at the Annex"
Campus View Toward the President's House
Eight Women Outside
Family Purchasing Tickets at the Campus Movie Theatre
"Did You Ever See the Primary Class? Here They Are!"
"Oh My!"
Six Women in Jack Tar Middy Uniforms
"On A Sunny Saturday"
Students Sitting on Steps on Campus
Two Women with Suitcases Looking at the Westcott Building
Woman in Costume
Unidentified Man On Campus
Students at Picnic Table at FSU Reservation
Woman at a Typewriter
Six Girls in a Line
"But When He Played the Uke"
West Hall in the Snow
Woman On Campus
Students Gathered in a Common Area
FSCW Special Bus
Closeup of Motorcycle
Students Riding Horses At Trot-A-Way Stables
Women in White
Student on a Moving Motorcycle with Background in Focus
Students Protesting Tuition Hikes
Campus View
Football Scene
Four Students Sitting On a Wall On Campus
Students Standing In Front of Johnston Building
Group of Women
Campus Scene in the Snow
Two Women Sitting on Steps
Students filming in Oglesby Union while others watch
"Reynolds Hall and Arcade"
Students with Angel Wings Studying on Administration Plaza
"Broward Hall - Uncompleted"
"At Carnegie Library F.A. And M. School"
Sam Lamar with Woman In Front of Johnston Building
Backview of Dorms and Power Plant
Three Students On a Bench In Front of Johnston Building
"On A Fragrant Piny Hill"
Palm Tree in the Snow
Geoglogy Building in the Snow
Frozen Westcott Fountain
Jennie Murphree and Cawthon Halls in the Snow