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"Home - at the Annex"
"Did You Ever See the Primary Class? Here They Are!"
"Oh My!"
"On A Sunny Saturday"
Six Girls in a Line
"But When He Played the Uke"
Six Girls Outside
Woman at Graduation
Wedding Group Photograph
"Reynolds Hall and Arcade"
"Broward Hall - Uncompleted"
"Ready for Calling"
Five Girls Leaning on Fence
"At Carnegie Library F.A. And M. School"
"On A Fragrant Piny Hill"
Group Photo
"Over the Stile"
Graduation Group Photograph Sitting
Two Girls and Airplane in Flight
"At Commencement"
"When Company Comes"
"Oh! Go On!!"
Graduation Group Photograph Standing
"Oh! Hellen"
"Christmas 1918"
"Bryan Hall and Campus"
Girl With Umbrella
Woman and Man in Hats in Front of an Automobile
Seven Girls Outside
"Table No. 23 F.S.C."
"East Hall Steps"
"The Front Campus"
"Dean Salley"
Two Women with Speed Limit Sign
Two Girls
"Pals Three"
Two Girls on Porch
"Isn't It Awful?"
"Just Inside - The Gates"
"There Are Smiles That Make Me Happy"
Man Leaning Against Building
Ten Children Outside
"The Gymnasium"
"Our Italian Officer Who Visited Us at F.S.C."
"Friends - Helen and Anna"
Education Building
Woman in White Dress
"Practise School"
Five Girls