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Attributing Contributions to the Seasonal Cycle of Anthropogenic Warming in a Simple          Radiative- Convective Global Energy Balance Model
Understanding Climate Feedback Contributions to the Surface Temperature Response
Analysis of the 10–20-Day Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Indian Ocean Using Surface Winds from Composite Satellite Data
Detection of Radio Frequency Interference over Ocean
Investigating the Use of the T-Matrix Method as a Proxy for the Discrete Dipole Approximation
Biases in Satellite-Derived Temperature Trends Due to Orbital Drift, Orbital Differences and Their Corrections
One-Year Geostationary Satellite-Derived Fog Climatology for Florida
Assessing Sun Glint and Nonlocal Thermal Equilibrium Effects on CrIS Data Bias
On Initializing CGCMs for Seasonal Predictability of ENSO
Simulating the Impacts and Sensitivity of the Southeastern United States Climatology to Irrigation
How Do Cloud Properties Contribute to Climate Change?
Power Law Behavior of Atmospheric Variability
Impact of Microstructure on an Accurate Snow Scattering Parameterization at Microwave Wavelengths
Understanding the 21st Century Projection of the Wet Season over the Southeastern United States
Estimate of Tropical Cyclone Parameters Based on Microwave Humidity Sounders
Ice Cloud Properties and Their Radiative Effects
Quantifying Variance Due to Temporal and Spatial Difference Between Ship and Satellite Winds
Atmospheric Power-Law Behavior
Evaluation of Non-Gaussian Climate Statistics
ENSO Fidelity in Two Coupled Models