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Effect of Communication Strategy and Planning Intervention on the Processes and Performance of Course Material Development Teams
Relationship Between the Expectation of Pain and Precompetitive Anxiety
Effects of Task-Centered vs. Topic-Centered Instructional Strategy Approaches on Problem Solving
You Are What You Do
Modification of Perceived Enjoyment, Exertion and Performance Among Novice and Experienced Exercisers
Incidence of Sport Injury in Collegiate Female Athletes Across the Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
Effects of Selected Exercise Modalities on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression          Responses in the Elderly
Exertion-Pain Anxiety
After-Exercise Shower
Over Conformity to the Sport Ethic Among Adolescent Athletes and Injury
Examining First-Year Student-Athlete Transition into College
Weight Status and Decision Making in a Food Selection Task
Effects of a Psychological Skills Training Program on Maintenance of Use and Self-Efficacy in Psychological Methods
Self-Presentation and Health-Damaging Behaviors in Sport
Athlete Coping and the Influence of Coach Leadership Behaviors in Elite Figure Skaters
Motivational Orientation of Risk Sport Participants
Cognitions and Emotions Experienced under Pressure
Self-Theories of Mental Skill Abilities in Collegiate Athletes
Effect of Coach Expectations on Athletes' Motivation to Practice
Relationship of Measures of Sleep Quantity and Quality with Performance Variables in NCAA Division I Female Soccer Players
Effects of an Instructional Gaming Characteristic on Learning Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Engagement
Singer's Five-Step Approach
Internalization of the Thin Ideal, Body Satisfaction, Self Presentation and Disordered Eating in Female Runners
Comparison of Coping Strategies
Motivation and Coping in the Sport of Triathlons
Self-Concept Clarity of Transitioning Athletes
Self-Efficacy, State Anxiety, and Motivation during Mandatory Combatives Training
Supervision of Applied Sport Psychology in Graduate Programs in the USA
Understanding Changes in Team-Related and Task-Related Mental Models and Their Effects on Team and Individual Performance
Ironic Processes of Mental Control of Action in Tennis
Mindfulness Meditation Training for Sport and Injury Rehabilitation with High School Athletes
Efficacy of Dried Plum in Modulting Biomarkers of Bone Turnover in Postmenopausal Women
Factors Influencing and Predicting the Likelihood of Mental Health Help-Seeking of Collegiate Student-Athletes
Source of Choking under Pressure
Self-Presentational Concern as an Antecedent of Athletic Injury
Shared Knowledge in High School Basketball Teams
Relationship Between Mental Toughness, Relaxation Activities, and Sleep in Athletes at Different Skill Levels
Influence of Perceived Coaching Behaviors and Perfectionism on Types of Motivation and Burnout
Examining the Employee-Customer Chain in the Fitness Industry
Motivation in High School Sport Athletes
Getting on the Same Page
Relationships of Life Stressors and Perceptions About Tutorial Services in          Student-Athletes
Relationship Between Parameters from Some Polytomous Item Response Theory Models
Relationship Between Satisfaction with Social Support and Career Thoughts in College Student Athletes
Contributions of Psychological Skills and Mindfulness to NCAA Student-Athlete Well-Being
Implementation and Evaluation of a Performance Profile Intervention with Collegiate Dancers
Coaching Experience in Charitable Cause-Based Endurance Training Programs
Determinants of Social Physique Anxiety in Collegiate Female Athletes
Relationship Between Physical Self-Concept, Body Image Dissatisfaction and Competition Anxiety in Female "Aesthetic" and "Non-Aesthetic" Collegiate          Athletes
Social Support Expectations of Injured Athletes