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Phi Meson Production In The Forward/backward Rapidity Region In Cu Plus Au Collisions At Root S(nn)=200 Gev
Scaling Properties Of Fractional Momentum Loss Of High-p(t) Hadrons In Nucleus-nucleus Collisions At Root S(nn) From 62.4 Gev To 2.76 Tev
Measurement Of The Relative Yields Of Psi(2s) To Psi(1s) Mesons Produced At Forward And Backward Rapidity In P Plus P, P Plus Al, P + Au, And He-3+au Collisions At Root S-nn=200 Gev
Forward J/psi Production In U Plus U Collisions At Root S-nn=193 Gev
Single Electron Yields From Semileptonic Charm And Bottom Hadron Decays In Au Plus Au Collisions At Root S(nn)=200 Gev
Dielectron production in Au plus Au collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeV
Inclusive cross section and double-helicity asymmetry for pi(0) production at midrapidity in p plus p collisions at root s=510 GeV
Measurements Of Mass-dependent Azimuthal Anisotropy In Central P Plus Au, D + Au, And He-3 + Au Collisions At Root S(nn)=200 Gev
Centrality-Dependent Modification of Jet-Production Rates in Deuteron-Gold Collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeV
Measurement Of Parity-violating Spin Asymmetries In W-+/- Production At Midrapidity In Longitudinally Polarized P Plus P Collisions
Transverse Energy Production And Charged-particle Multiplicity At Midrapidity In Various Systems From Root S(nn)=7.7 To 200 Gev