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Effects of Process-Oriented and Product-Oriented Worked Examples and Prior Knowledge on Learner Problem Solving and Attitude
Decision Space Worksheet, the Career Thoughts Inventory, and the Beck Depression Inventory-II as Measures of Mental Health in the Career Decision-Making          Process
Social-Emotional Adjustment, Subjective Well-Being, and Emotional Intelligence in Youth
Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant
Dynamic Nature of the Emotion-Cognition Link in Trapshooting Performance
Hot Hand and Psychological Momentum as Adaptive Beliefs in Sport
Impact of a Career Course on Undergraduate Students' Career Decision State as a Function of Negative Career Thoughts
Examination of Self-Regulated Learning and Professional Growth within Online, Informal Communities of Practice
Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests
Exploration of Mindfulness in Its Relation to Career Thoughts, Vocational Identity, and Decision-Making Style
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Interprofessional, Continuing Education Course in Biomedical Ethics Using Problem Based Learning
Modeling the Treatment Effect in Meta-Analysis When Combining Experimental and Correlational Studies
Stress Appraisal, Perceived Controllability, and Coping Function of Youth Volleyball Players
Predicting Quality of Life and GPA among Postsecondary Students with Psychiatric Disabilities
Racial Identity and Mindfulness as Predictors of Post-Traumatic Growth in Black Adults Experiencing Race-Based Trauma
Effects of Practice Sequence Variations on the Transfer of Complex Cognitive Skills Practiced in Computer-Based Instruction
International Student Athlete
Self-Regulatory Decision-Making in Reading for Comprehension
Charter School Board Characteristics, Composition and Practices and Charter School Outcomes
Effect of Communication Strategy and Planning Intervention on the Processes and Performance of Course Material Development Teams
Example Postings' Effects on Online Discussion and Cognitive Load
Relationships Among Calling, Religiousness, and Dysfunctional Career Thoughts in Public University Students
Relationship Among Career Anchors, Negative Career Thoughts, Vocational Identity, and Hope in Freelance Production Crew for Film and Television
Impact of Gender and Rank on Job Satisfaction Among Rehabilitation Counselor Educators
Perfectionism and Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
Examination of the Integrative Relationship Among the Factors of Achievement Goal          Theory and Self-Determination Theory
Beneficial Role of External Focus
Development of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Role of Age of Diagnosis, Self-Efficacy and Social Support in the Relationship between Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Severity
Effect of Population Shifts on Teacher Vam Scores
Changes in Affect, Self-Efficacy, Motivation and Performance Among Participants in a Boring and Challenging Task
Perceptions of School Library Media Specialists in Promoting Student Intrinsic Motivation
Pedagogical Agents as Learning Companions
Elementary Students' Self-Concept and Value Towards Reading and Math
Use of Item Parceling in Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data
Relationship Between the Expectation of Pain and Precompetitive Anxiety
Mixture Item Response Theory-Mimic Model
Featured Student Profiles
Effects of Task-Centered vs. Topic-Centered Instructional Strategy Approaches on Problem Solving
You Are What You Do
Teachers' View of the Role VAM Plays in Their Work in the School and School Community
Impact of Testing Accommodations on Students with Learning Disabilities
Modification of Perceived Enjoyment, Exertion and Performance Among Novice and Experienced Exercisers
Impact of Positive Psychology Coping Mechanisms on Stress Levels of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Incidence of Sport Injury in Collegiate Female Athletes Across the Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
Effects of Selected Exercise Modalities on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression          Responses in the Elderly
Responses to Perceived Effort in Children
Effect of ARCS-Based Motivational Email Messages on Participation in an Online ESOL Class
Effects of Cardiovascular Health on Cognitive Function and Driving Performance among Healthy Older Adults
Perceived Teacher-Directedness, Omniscient Authority, and Communication Behaviors in          Second Language Cooperative Learning