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Le Nain Brothers' Peasant Family in an Interior
Unfolding Rome
Witness to Glory
Christ and Exegesis
Flawed, but Essential
Moral Theology and the Care of Souls
David Cox (1783-1859) Reconsidered
Per Sanctum Vultum De Luca! Il Volto Santo and Its Relic Cult during the Late Eleventh Through Thirteenth Centuries
Cult of Personality
Positive, Popular Art
Politics of Devotion
Icon of the Madonna Della Clemenza
Krzysztof Wodiczko's "If You See Something…"
Architectural Trees and Moorish Knots in Leonardo's Sala Delle Asse
Moreau's Materiality
From Origins to Annihilation
Achilles and the Roman Aristocrat
"God Bearing" Patriarch
Illustrated Apocalypse Cycle in the Liber Floridus of Lambert of Saint-Omer
From Pictorialism to the Document
Abbott Laboratories
Seeing Salvation
Importance of Cloth
Nature of the Natural Woman
Advancing American Art and Its Afterlife
Sojourn to the Sun God
Architecture and Placemaking at a Northern Maya City
Figural and Discursive Depictions of the Other in the Travels of Sir John          Mandeville
Fashioning Schongauer
Alessandro Magnasco and the Painterly Picaresque
Revisioning Cézanne
Identity and Empire in Colonial Maps of Mexico, 1524-1600
Political Context of Michelangelo's Cleopatra for Tommaso De'Cavalieri
Quest of the Individual
Alberto Aringhieri and the Chapel of Saint John the Baptist
Propaganda Portraits and the Easing of American Anxieties Through WRA Films
Art of Gift-Giving
"Ears and Eyes and Mouth and Heart… His Soul and His Senses"
Cult of Personality
"England's Giorgione"
Going Postal
Function of Text
Poetics of Black
Reuniting the Mind and Body
Gerrit Dou
Photographic Essay as Index of African-American Identity in the Interwar Years
Gaze of the Beholder
Another Sort of Camera
Illustrating Antichrist and the Day of Judgment in the Eighty-Nine Miniatures of Besançon, Bibliothèque Municipale MS 579
Asserting Royal Power in Early Seventeenth-Century Paris