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Emergency Department Nurses' Lived Experience with Compassion Fatigue
Student Nurses Responses to Assisting Hurricane Victims
Study of Factors That Influence the Parental Decision to Circumcise Male          Infants
Characteristics of Bariatric Surgery Patients Lost to Follow-Up
Utilization of Nursing Diagnoses by Registered Nurses
Relationship Between Health Beliefs and the Performance of Breast Self-Examination Among African American Women
Study to Determine the Effects of Mass Media on a College Age Male and Female          Decision to Become Sexually Active as an Adolescent
Factors Associated with Non-Urgent Utilization of the Emergency Department
Effect of an Inpatient Diabetes Order Set on Outcomes for Patients with a Primary or Secondary Admission Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus
Access to Health Care Among Mexican and Central American Migrant Workers in Northwest          Florida
Study of the Relationships Between Level of Pain, Analgesic Requirements, and Quality          of Life Associated with Total Knee Arthroplasty
African American Caregiver's Level of Knowledge About Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia          and Its Relationship to Psychological Stress
Comparison Study of Immunization Adherence and Case Management
Nursing Students' Perceptions of Usefulness and Ease of Use of Personal Digital Assistant Technology in the Classroom and Clinical Setting
Comparison of Immunization Adherence Rates for Indigent and Non-Indigent 2-Year-Olds
Admission Criteria as Predictors of NCLEX-RN Success in Associate Degree Nursing          Graduates
Preventable Readmissions for Heart Failure
"Hide It under a Bush, Hell No!" Women's Volunteer Associations as Adult Education Initiatives
Compassion Fatigue in Middle Aged Public Health Nurses Working on Disaster Relief          Teams
Flight Nurses' and Nonflight Critical Care Nurses' Knowledge of the Pulmonary Artery          Catheter
Breastfeeding Support on Perinatal Units in Florida Hospitals
Assessment and Documentation of Newborn Pain
Study of Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction in Florida
Comparison Study Between African-American and Caucasian Women in Their Health Beliefs and Locus of Control Concerning Breast Cancer in North Florida
Nursing Shortage and Reasons for RN Flight from Florida Hospitals
Predictors of Breastfeeding Intention Among Low-Income Women
Effectiveness of Teaching Nursing Students Environmental Health Curricula during Their Public/Community Health Rotation
Evaluation of Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients Who Have Undergone Radical          Prostatectomy Surgery
Exploration of Professional Values Held by Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Nursing Students
Compassion Fatigue Experienced by Emergency Department Nurses Who Provided Care
Comparison of Confidence Levels of Postpartum Depressed and Non-Depressed First-Time          Mothers
Patient Satisfaction with Rural Primary Care Services
Analysis of the Effects of a Workplace Smoking Ban on Smoking Behavior of Employees
Association Between Concurrent Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Antibiotic Therapies with Increasing Incidence of Clostridium Difficile Infections
Comparative Analysis of BMI, Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables, Smoking, & Physical Activity Among Florida Residents
Effect of Nutrition and Physical Activity Counseling on Knowledge and Behavior of          Elementary Students in a Rural, Coastal Community
Father's Response to a Chronically Ill Child
Factors Affecting Decisions to Seek Treatment for Sick Children in a Rural Setting in          the Middle East
Predicting the Risk of Compassion Fatigue
Effects of Injection Duration on Site-Pain Intensity and Bruising Associated with Subcutaneous Administration of Lovenox (Enoxaparin Sodium)
Factors That Impact the Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus and Mortality in the Seven Different Regions of Florida
Comparison of Quality of Life of Women Pre and Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG)
Support Efforts and Services for Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer's Disease in Urban and Rural Areas
Patients and Nurses' Perceptions of the Cardiac Patient's Learning Needs
Nursing Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding the Pain Management of Cancer Patients
Comparison Study of the Treatment of Chest Pain in Men and Women in the Emergency          Department
Comparison Study of Premature Neonates Outcomes in a Traditional Ward Nursery versus a Private/Semi-Private Room Nursery
Effect of a Debriefing on Compassion Fatigue Levels in Public Health Nurses after          Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, & Jeanne
Sun Protection Knowledge and Practices Among Adolescents in a Rural, Coastal Community
Staff Nurses' Knowledge of Pediatric End-of-Life Care