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Modeling the Treatment Effect in Meta-Analysis When Combining Experimental and Correlational Studies
Effect of ARCS-Based Motivational Email Messages on Participation in an Online ESOL Class
Can Playing a Video Game Foster Computational Thinking Skills?
Investigating the Chi-Square-Based Model-Fit Indexes for WLSMV and ULSMV Estimators
Four Methods for Combining Dependent Effects from Studies Reporting Regression Analysis
Comparison of Three Approaches to Confidence Interval Estimation for Coefficient Omega
Effects of Argumentation Scaffolding in a Problem-Based Learning Course on Problem-Solving Outcomes and Learner Motivation
Loglinear Model as a DIF Detection Method for Dichotomous and Polytomous Items and Its Comparison with Other Observed Score                 Matching DIF Methods
Weakly-Informative Group-Specific Prior Distribution for Meta-Analysis
Trash Talk Behavior Amongst Collegiate Athletes
Coaching Experience in Charitable Cause-Based Endurance Training Programs
Use of a Meta-Analysis Technique in Equating and Its Comparison with Several Small Sample Equating Methods