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Development of an operational oil model
Wind-driven shelf water flow near the Desoto Canyon
Deep Oceanic Response to Hurricane Forcing In DeSoto Canyon Region
Outreach & Education
Downscaling from the deep ocean, across the continental shelf and into the estuaries
Physical Oceanography in Deep-C
Deep-C Date Center
Method of detecting compromised computers in a network
From the Pipe to the Beach
Did the Mississippi River plume influence the DeepWater Horizon oil spill fate?
Hydrocarbon-degrading microbial communities
Forcing of gravity waves on drifters and currents - incorporation in a coastal ocean model
Bathymetric features of the Deep-C Desoto Canyon study area
Initial Results from the Shelf Geomorphology and Habitat Mapping Cruise
Deep-C Consortium All Hands Meeting
"All Hands" Meeting
NRL Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Modeling
High-Resolution Modeling of the DeSoto Canyon Region for Simulating Upper and Deep Ocean Dynamics