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Plantation Life In The Old South
Indian Jane
[Banknote, 86 September 30 BCE, of Apellas... to Protarchos, banker]
Letter of Alexandros
Furlough pass
Letter of a decurion to a curator
Letter of Sentis to Proclus
True Story of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Private letter
Unidentified manuscript
O.Florida inv. 21
Letter of Herennius
Letter to Elianus the curator
Through Some Eventful Years
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
Letter to a curator
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 85 -“ 84 BCE]
Composition for August 6th, 1858
Letter to Baebius Severius
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
Letter from Mettius
[Banknote, 87 - 84 BCE, of Herakleides son of Epiodoros to Protarchos son of Herakleides]
Letter to a curator
[Banknote, 85 January 2 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 March 13 – April 11 BCE, of Helleokles to Protarchos, banker]
Letter of Mevianus to Harpochras
Short work by Susan Eppes with ribbon decoration
[Banknote, 86 – 85 BCE]
Letter of Aponius Didymianus
Leon County Public Free Schools
Letter to a mother
Legend of Ialoota the Seminole maiden
Letter of a soldier
What does Florida mean to the Tourist and what does the Tourist mean to Florida
Letter of Anto[n - -
Private Soldiers of the Confederate States Army
Letter of Maximus
Handwritten letter from Dr. Bellamy
Private letter
[Banknote, 85 May 26 BCE, of Hippalos to his banker]
Real Reason for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Fragment of a Latin letter
Maria Jefferson Eppes and her Little son, Francis
Letter of Claudius Archibios
Manuscript on the history of New Port, Florida
List of contributers
All in a Century
[Banknote, 85 September 27 BCE, of Theon son of Ph... to Protarchos]