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Salt making in Taylor County
Covid-19: Detailed Accounts
Life with COVID-19
Educational Television
Before the Virus
Starvation over Europe
Life in Quarantine
Note on Bermuda--and after
Local Education Taylor County
Forest Fire:Burned by COVID-19
COVID on Camera
Quarantine: Harmful or Helpful
Importance and Place of Art in Our Schools
The Many Faces of a Pandemic
Summary of Description of Jackon's March through Taylor County
Essays on various aspects of Taylor County, FL
Jewish Problem
International Commission for Penal Reconstruction and Development
Who Wrote "Speak Gently"? by John M. Shaw
At Home with the Collections Management Team
America's Great "Stop Hitler Now" Demonstration
History of Taylor County, FLA.
Finding Hope
Blog post on quarantining with family
My experiences with Covid-19
Family Photos
Christian Education
Report on Christian Education