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Search For Pair-produced Resonances Each Decaying Into At Least Four Quarks In Proton-proton Collisions At Root S=13 Tev
Search For Dark Matter Produced In Association With A Higgs Boson Decaying To Gamma Gamma Or Tau(+)tau(-) At Root S=13 Tev
Measurement Of Charged Particle Spectra In Minimum-bias Events From Proton-proton Collisions At Root S =13 Tev
Search For Beyond The Standard Model Higgs Bosons Decaying Into A B(b)over-bar Pair In Pp Collisions At Root S=13 Tev
Elliptic Flow Of Charm And Strange Hadrons In High-multiplicity P Plus Pb Collisions At Root(nn)-n-s=8.16 Tev