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The way to be happy, or, The history of the family at Smiledale: to which is added, The story of little George
Jolly little playmates
Divine emblems, or, Temporal things spiritualized: calculated for the use of young people : adorned with fifty copper plate cuts
Little beauties
Fern Leaf's visit
book of nonsense
child's ABC of the war
Laura's necklace
Nonsense drolleries
Langley's children in the wood
From office boy to reporter
Young Christians̕ companion: being a selection of hymns, particularly adapted to private devotion and conference meetings
Winter sports
Jack and I
A walk to Wellers̓ woods, or, The old apple-man
Little child's scriptural lessons in rhyme: with prayers and graces
Cradle songs
young master of Hyson Hall
School days
Evermore: and other poems
The ruby: juvenile forget-me-not and pledge of affection ; with fine engravings
The cat's tail: being the history of Childe Merlin. A tale
Children's interests in reading
Tales for youth: in thirty poems : to which are annexed, historical remarks and moral applications in prose
adventures of Pinocchio
Victorian anthology, 1837-1895
Picture book garden
The smiling book
Holiday stories for all the year
The children's Sunday
Short plays for junior and senior high schools
Florence stories
Fairy-land and Mother Goose
Nonsense songs
Laughable lyrics
The child's famous picture book
The history of John Gilpin of Cheapside: a droll story. and, The historical ballad, of the children in the wood
Bright and early
Goldilocks and the three bears
Life in the Roman World of Nero and St. Paul
Little curly locks: story and rhyme for boys and girls at Christmastime
Hold the fort!: melodies and rhymes from the memorable writings of Mother Goose
The alphabet of Scripture, for children: printed in oil colors
Our glorious heritage
The history and adventures of little Eliza: a companion to little Fanny
Cut behind! Cut behind!
Chrysallina, or, The butterfly's gala: addressed to two little girls : in six parts