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John Henryism Active Coping as a Cultural Correlate of Substance Abuse Treatment Participation Among African American Women.
Letter to Dr. Bellamy
Continuation of Intimate Partner Violence from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.
Letter to Margaret Ansley Cavanaugh
Correlates of smoking among youth
Letter from Dr. Bellamy
Expanding The Happiness Paradox
Timing of Sexual Initiation and Relationship Satisfaction in Young Adult Marital and Cohabiting Unions.
Do Religious Struggles Mediate The Association Between Day-to-day Discrimination And Depressive Symptoms?
Religious Involvement and Marijuana Use for Medical and Recreational Purposes.
From "thank God For Helping This Person" To "libtards Really Jumped The Shark"
Grandparents' Education and Infant Health
Letter to Dr. Bellamy
Binge Drinking in Young Adulthood
Sexual Orientation, Partnership Status, And Work Patterns Among Us Young Adults
Handwritten letter from Dr. Bellamy
Extradyadic sex and union dissolution among young adults in opposite-sex married and cohabiting unions.
Letter from Dr. Bellamy
Letter to Margaret Ansley Cavanaugh
Ethnic Identity Attachment and Motivation for Weight Loss and Exercise Among Rural, Overweight, African-American Women.
Rape Prone Culture Of Academic Contexts
Letter from Dr. Bellamy
Letter to Dr. Bellamy
Underlying Motivations Of Volunteering Across Life Stages
Gendered Pathways
Letter to Margaret Ansley Cavanaugh
Natural Mentors, Social Class, And College Success
Mediation analysis of relationships between chronic inflammation and quality of life in older adults.
Weighed down by discriminatory policing
Weighed Down By Discriminatory Policing
Occupational Attainment And Depressive Symptoms In Young Adulthood