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Activity Report Y2Q3
Student and Post-Doctoral Participants: Deep-C Quarterly Report Y1Q1
Major Findings/Accomplishments
Activity Report Y1Q2
Consortium Participants: Deep-C Quarterly Report Y1Q1
Activity Report Y3Q1
Activity Report Y1Q2
2012 Accomplishments
A Long-Term, Interdisciplinary Study of Deep Sea to Coast Connectivity in the Northeasten Gulf of Mexico
Development of an operational oil model
Depth-mediated differences in trophic ecology and mercury contomination in six species of sharks in DeSoto Canyon
Erosion Chennels at the DeSoto Canyon
Deep-C Geomorphology
Compliance with Master Research Agreement Date Policies
Year 1: Progress
Preliminary Assessment of Sediment Macrofaunal Community Structure in Desoto Canyon, Following the Horizon Oil Spill
Ocean Response to Hurricane Ivan and Isaac over the DeSoto Canyon Region
Analysis of Bragg Scattering of Oil Types Under Radar Microwaves
Year 1: Progress
Geomorphology and Habitat of a Shelf Break Canyon Off Pensacola, Florida
Physical Oceanography
Year 1: Progress
Scientists in the Schools Fact Sheet
Physical Oceanography Observations in Deep-C
Ecological Processes, Food Web Model
Deep-C Consortium February 2013 "All Hands" Meeting Evaluation Survey
Activity Report Y3Q1
What's New at the Deep-C Date Center
Activity Report Y1Q4
Year 1: Progress
Oil Spill Research in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Proposed Deep-C Archival Project for Diginole Commons
Numerical Simulations of the Ocean Response to Hurricane Forcing in the DeSoto Canyon Region
Polynomial Chaos Based Uncertainty Propagation and Quantification in Oil Drift Simulations
Presentations and Posters: Deep-C Quarterly Report Y1Q1
Deep-C Post-Internship Survey (for Teachers)
Deep-C Consortium September 2014 Student Research Symposium Survey