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Sleeping Safe
Factors Influencing Parental Perception of Child's Weight Status
Perceived HIV/AIDs Related Stigma Among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men
Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives
Evaluation of a Process Change Using SBAR to Reduce Inappropriate Patient Placement and Increase Nursing Satisfaction
Predicting Hospital Readmissions for Pneumonia in a Single Center
Potential Predictors of Disposition and Recidivism in Emergency Department Visits
Assessment and Screening of Depression in Heart Failure Patients
Clinician Knowledge on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Florida
Self-Perception of Interpersonal Communication Competency and its Relationship to Job Satisfaction among Nurses in Florida
Senior Nursing Students’ Early Recognition of Sepsis
Current State of Nurse Practitioner Postgraduate Training
Screening and Treatment Methods for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis by Florida’s Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
Improving Patient Safety and Minimizing Alarm Fatigue through Effective Alarm Management
Music Therapy and Post-Operative Pain
Supporting the Second Victim
Coping with Pediatric Death in the Emergency Department Setting
Unprofessional Conduct In Nursing and its Impact in Nurse Retention and Job Satisfaction
Advance Care Planning in Primary Care
Nurses' Knowledge and Attitude Toward Chronic Pain Management in the Emergency
Exploration of Learning Needs
Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Rates in a Community Health Center
Does an Educational Intervention for a Nurse-Driven Indwelling Urinary Catheter Protocol Increase Nurses’ Knowledge and Compliance to the Protocol?
Assessing the Relationship between Cultural Competence and Quality Care in Non-English Speaking Patients from Providers’ Perspective
Managing Urinary Retention