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lady's guide to the ordering of her household, and the economy of the dinner table
Systême de la nature
Compleat cook
hospitall for the diseased
universal herbal
Fellows' menu maker; suggestions for selecting and arranging menus for hotels and restaurants, with object of changing from day to day to give continuous variety of foods in season
natural history of plants
grande cuisine illustrée
greate herball, which geueth parfyte knowledge & understandinge of al maner of herbes, and theyr gracious vertues ...
complete herbal
natural history of plants
treasury of drugs unlock'd
London art of cookery
New art of cookery
treatise of the materia medica
Culpeper's British herbal ; and, Complete English family physician
universal herbal
Incipit Tractatus de virtutibus herbarum
New cyclopædia of botany and complete book of herbs
art of cookery, made plain and easy
natural history of plants
Arboretum biblicum
Household cookery and laundry work
Liber de proprietatibus rerum
Systême de la nature
Theologia naturalis
frugal housekeeper's kitchen companion
Culpeper's English physician and complete herbal
book of household management ...
Theatrum botanicvm
queen-like closet, or, Rich cabinet
De natura stirpivm libri tres
Herbar aneb Bylinar
Theatrum botanicvm
Cookery and pastry
New cyclopædia of botany and complete book of herbs
Nouvelle instruction pour les confitures, les liqueurs, et les fruits
Culpeper's Complete herbal
natural history of plants
Virginia housewife
Housekeeping in the blue grass
All about cookery
lady's assistant for regulating and supplying the table
collection of recipes for the use of special diet kitchens in military hospitals
Caroli Clvsii Atrebat
natural history of plants
Museum Regalis Societatis
new herbal, or historie of plants