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Reproducible Social Work Research
Comprehensive Review
Evaluating Journal Quality
Limits of Evidence Based Medicine and Its Application to Mental Health Evidence-Based Practice. (Part Two)
Correctional Officers and Domestic Violence
Gender Comparisons of Social Work Faculty Using H-Index Scores
Clinical guidelines on antidepressant withdrawal urgently need updating
Withdrawal of unnecessary antidepressant medication
Evaluating the Productivity of Social Work Scholars Using the H-index
Online Financial Therapy
Acculturation Factors Related to Obesity of Latino American Men Nationwide.
Social Work and Coercion
Coercion Justified?
Protecting Lives, Careers, and Public Confidence
Rational antidepressant use.
Physical Custody Reconsidered
Child Maltreatment Reporting Patterns and Predictors of Substantiation
Antidepressants and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression
Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Psychosis for Women Prisoners
Introduction to Using Multidimensional Item Response Theory to Assess Latent Factor Structure
Re-Analyzing a Randomized Controlled Trial of Combination Antidepressant                 Treatment with Mirtazapine
Death Penalty Attitudes of Social Work Students
Is Employment Associated with Reduced Recidivism?
Mental Illness Beliefs Inventory (MIBI)
Gender Comparisons Of Israeli Social Work Faculty Using H-index Scores
Non-fatal Suicide Behavior Among Women Prisoners
Solution-Focused Financial Therapy with Couples
Serotonin and Depression
Why Youth Leave Care
Program for Fourth Annual Southern Conference on Corrections
Incarcerated Women’s Experiences and Perceptions of Participating in Research
Evaluating effectiveness of abstinence education
Social Work Practice in the Real World
Role of Services in Mental Health Recovery
Effects of Parental Monitoring on Aggressive Behavior among Youth in the United States and South Korea
Consumer Advertising of Psychiatric Medications Biases the Public Against                 Nonpharmacological Treatment
Narrating the Brain
Motivations, Values, and Conflict Resolution
Is There a Getting Better from This, or Not?
Me, Myself, and I
Prescribing of Psychiatric Medication to Bereaved Parents Following                 Perinatal/Neonatal Death
Informal Support Among Low-income Mothers
Childhood Abuse and Postpartum Psychosis
Supervised Visitation and Family Financial Well-Being
Does Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Reduce Future Physical Abuse?
Announcements of School of Social Welfare, Graduate Program in Social Work (1955-1957)
Solving Problems in Everyday Living (SPIEL) Model
Satisfactions and Stressors Experienced by Recently-hired Frontline Child Welfare Workers