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For Profit Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers
Walk for the Earth
What Are Hallucinations All About?
Week of Lesbian and Gay Awareness at FSU
Students for Justice: Help CPE Shine
Chuck D
Evening of Spoken Word with Jello Biafra
Democracy Amerika 2000
Slavery in the Fields
Close the SOA!
Star Wars
Anti-Apartheid! The Island
Sociobiology Forum
Summer Madness
Political Exiles Series
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Seven Ways to Kill the Suwanee
My Name is Rachel Corrie
CPE Presents Luis Espinoza
Rally in Tally event handout
The Christopher Columbus Follies
Forced Apartheid? National Sovereignty?
History of Civil Rights Organizations in the US
Demilitarize FSU PD
Forum on Iran
Allen Ginsberg
Beyond Beef lecture
CPE Lecture Series
PLO Speaks Israeli Aggression
Boycott of Campbell's
William Kunstler Speaking on Justice in America
Vote Equality! Vote - Hall and Davis
Five Days with Indoamerica
Dr. Norman Finkelstein
Volunteer to teach a CPE class
Teach Dance
Wages for Housework
Palestine Movie Night
Sociobiology Forum
bell hooks
Anarchists Against the Wall Benefit Show
War is a Racket hand drawn protest sign
CPE Free Alternative Video Library pamphlet
Berkeley Free Speech Movement and Its Legacy
Freedom! Democracy! Justice!
Just Say No To War yellow flag