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On-line optimization and control of batch processes
Model Characteristics and Properties of Nanorobots in the Bloodstream
Wavelet Methods in Quality Engineering
Optimization of Ultraviolet Lamp Placement for the Curing of Composite Manufactured by          the Ridft Process
Polypyrrole as a Smart Material for Phosphate Contaminate Detection in Water
Interfacial Bonding Property Study of Functionalized Cnt Nanocomposites Based on a Modified Cox's Model
Manufacturing Process of Nanotube/Nanofiber Nanocomposite
Development of Continuous Manufacturing Process for Magnetically Aligned and Random          Nanotube Buckypaper
Fabrication of Lightweight Composite Small Arms Protection Insert
Investigation and Characterization of SWNT Buckypaper Manufacturing Process
Molecular Modeling of Nanotube Composite Materials
Integrated Robust Design Using Computer Experiments and Optimization of a Diesel HPCR Injector
Development of the RIDFT Process Incorporation of Ultraviolet Curing Technique
Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes
Design, Installation, and Solar Energy Efficiency Assessment Using a Dual‐Axis Tracker          by
Structural Analysis and Design of Lightweight Composite Mortar Barrel
Fuzzy connected protection structures
Biocompatible Poly (Lactic Acid)/Thermoplastic Polyurethane Blends
Elastic Property Prediction and Variation Quantification for Buckypaper-Polymer Nanocomposites
Experimental Study and Modeling of Nanotube Buckypaper Composite Actuator for Morphing Structure Applications
High Temperature Polyimide/Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotubes Multiscale Composites
Characterization and Analysis of SWNT Buckypaper and Composite Actuators
Supply Chain Optimization of Carton Manufacturing and Procurement Process
Multiple Criteria Third-Order Response Surface Design and Comparison
Conceptualizing the design of knowledge-based systems
Internet-Based Interface For Database Management System
Utilizing Cutting-Edge Computational Biology Methods in the Genomic Analysis of Florida Endangered Species
Autonomous RC Aircraft with Collision Avoidance Capabilities