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Graphic Resonance Through Time
Effect of Ambient Factors in the Design and Branding of the Restaurant Environment
Design for a Christian Contemporary Worship Environment
"Make It Right"
880 Square Foot House
Exploration of the Advantages and Challenges to Sustainable University Buildings
Growing Home and Neomorphism Creating Living Structures and a New Design Language
Identifying LEED and Sustainable Design Processes in the State University System in Florida
Space-Time Continuum
Kuwait Architecture and Design
Utilizing Third Place Theory in Museum Design
Study of Millennial Student Learning Preferences
Exploration of Biophilia and Its Implications in Design of the Built Environment Exemplification in a Site Specific Design for a Corporate Retreat
University's Responsibility to Campus Sustainability
Inclusive Design Close to Home
Exploration of Space and the Discovery of the Unintended
Pale Intrusions into Blue
Christian Home Groups
Mobile Community Center
Body, Mind and Spirit
Environments for Young Children
Designing a Shared, Collaborative Office Space to Accommodate Young and Aging          Employees
Effects of Interior Environment on the Dining Experience and Design of a Prototype          Seafood Restaurant
K-8 Library Design Renovation
Place of Their Own
Redesigning the Kress Building in Tampa, Florida
Human Connection to Nature within the Built Environment
Residential Mixed-Use, Urban Infill Project
Faux Finishes
Wiring Diagram for Teaser, Tormentor & Light Pipe Winches
Layout Light Pipe Rigging- Typical
Layout Light Pipe Rigging- Typical
Layout Light Pipe Rigging- Typical