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Victims of Buchenwald
Prisoners Coming up with a Message
Survivors of Buchenwald
Victims at Buchenwald
Side View of the Transport Truck
Model of Torture
Pile of Human Bones
A Barrack in Buchenwald
Survivors Showing their Tattoos
View of the Camp
Hospital Barracks
Evidence of Medical Experimentation
Message to American Liberators
Inside the Camp
American Soldiers view Torture Devices
American Soldiers Entering the Camp
Enlargement of "Victims at Buchenwald"
One of the Torture Devices
View of the Hooks
Clearing out the Remains
Enlargement of "Clearing out the Remains"
Group of Victims
Victims in the Courtyard
Beaten Victim
Partial Remains
Soldiers view the Victims
Buchenwald Victims
Gathering up the Dead
In the Barracks
Faces of the Deceased
Another View of the Victims
Individual Remains
Hiding the Remains
Inside the Crematorium
Gunshot Victim
Burned Remains
Close up of the Crematoriums
Remains of the Crematoriums
Damage to the Crematoriums
View of the Crematoriums
Model of Torture
Buchenwald Subcamp Halle-Siebel