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Non-Aqueous Transuranic Coordination Complexes
Extruded Saloplastic Polyelectrolyte Complexes
Magnetic Studies on Trimetal Complexes and Their Derivatives
Reaction Discovery Using Neopentylene-Tethered Coupling Partners
Understanding Magnetic Exchange Behavior in Core@Shell Nanoparticles
Tuning the Emission and Quantum Yield of Gold and Silver Nanoclusters through Ligand Design and Doping
f-Block Coordination Chemistry with Oxygen Donor Ligands in Ionic Liquids
Magnetic Intermetallics Grown from the Rare Earth/Transition Metal Fluxes
Process Improvement of Rac-Progesterone and Other Synthetic Studies
Structural Stability and Emergent Phases in Oxygen Deficient Complex Transition Metal Oxides
New Understanding of the Heat Treatment of Nb-Sn Superconducting Wires
Low Dimensional Electron Correlated Materials
Crystal Structure Prediction via Deep Learning
Electronically Coupled Photon Upconversion Solar Cells via Molecular Self-Assembled Bilayers
Lateral P-N Junctions Based on 2-D Materials
Two Faces of a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer
Sulfur Iodine Flux Synthesis of Metal Sulfides and Metal Sulfide Iodides
Study on the Copper(II)-Mediated Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions
Organic Ligand Design for Use in Spin Crossover Materials
Magnetic Ordering and Magnetotransport at Molecular and Nano Scales
Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Studies of Lanthanide and Actiniide Complexes
Solid-State NMR and MRI Studies of Structure-Property Correlations in Fast Li/Na-Ion Conductors
N-Heterocyclic Carbene Copper Complexes
Search for Electrically Ordered Phases in Hydrogen-Bonded Molecular Cocrystals
Tuning Intertwined Energy Scales in f-Electron Systems by Chemical Substitution
Discovering the Phillips Catalyst
Photomagnetism and Multifunctionality in Spin-Crossover Fe(II) Complexes and Sigma-Dimer of Organic Radicals
Magnetometry and EPR Studies of Model Paramagnetic Complexes with Improved Magnetic Anisotropy
Use of Pangasius Fish in Restaurants
Kinetics and Applications of Polyelectrolyte Membranes and Multilayers
Rapid and Selective Syntheses of Trisubstituted -1,2,3-Triazoles Through Copper Mediated Azide Alkyne Cycloaddition
Impurities and Defects in Mott Systems
Synthesis and Investigation of Ternary Intermetallics as Itinerant Magnets
Photochemistry of Nitrogen Heterocycles
Developments in Actinide Solution- and Solid-State Chemistry
Thermal and Photochemical Cyclizations of Enynes
Understanding the "Microwave" in Microwave Chemistry
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Mononuclear Trigonal Bipyramidal Single Molecule Magnets
Developing Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry as a Tool for the Structural Elucidation of Biological Compounds
EPR Study of Molecular Qubits Based on Lanthanide Nanomagnets
Applications of Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques to the Study of Molecule-Based Magnetic Materials
Application of Flow-Based Methods to Inorganic Materials Synthesis
De Haas-Van Alphen Measurements in Topological Metals and Semimetals
Access to Polysubstituted Heterocycles and Fluorescent Indicators from a Single Enamine Class