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Lepton Assignment Problem for the Decay of Higgs to Z Bosons to Four Leptons
Yukawa Unification in SO(10) Susy Guts
Next-to-Leading-Order Corrections to Weak Boson Production with a Massive Quark Jet Pair at Hadron Colliders
On-Shell Methods Applied to Exotic Higgs Production at Hadronic Colliders
Constraining Type Ia Supernovae Progenitor Parameters via Light Curves
Techniques for Probing the Effects of Three-Dimensional Magneto-Hydrodynamics in Type Ia Supernovae
Evidence for Single Top Quark Production Using Bayesian Neural Networks
Higgs Boson
Search for Multiply Charged Heavy Stable Charged Particles in Data Collected with the CMS Detector
Clustering Phenomena in the a = 10 T = 1 Isobaric Multiplet
Bayesian Neural Networks in Data-Intensive High Energy Physics Applications
Search for Contact Interactions Using the Inclusive Jet √ pT Spectrum in PP Collisions at S = 7 TeV
Bayesian Neural Networks for Classification
Direct and Indirect Detection of Neutralino Dark Matter
Threshold Resummation in Direct Photon Production
Sunyaev-Zel'Dovich Effect in Galaxy Clusters
Measurement of the Top Mass in the All-Jets Channel with the DØ Detector at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider
Search for the Dark Matter Signature in the Lepton Jet Final State √(S) = 7 TeV
Search for New Physics with a Three Photon Final State Using the CMS Detector
Search for Large Extra Dimensions via Single Photon Plus Missing Energy Final States at √S =1.96 TeV
Higgs Boson Production with Heavy Quarks at Hadron Colliders
Exotic Smoothness, Branched Covering Spaces, Andquantum Gravity
Imprints of Explosion Conditions on Late-Time Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae
Precision Measurement of the W → ΜΝ Charge Asymmetry at a Center of Mass Energy of 1.96 TeV Using the Dø Detector
Dark Matter Detection in Supersymmetric Models with Non-Universal Gaugino Masses
Study of Nuclear Structure and Neutron Stars with a Bayesian Neural Network Approach
Measurement of Polarization Observables in Vector Meson Photoproduction Using a Transversely-Polarized Frozen-Spin Target and                 Polarized Photons at CLAS, Jefferson Lab
Targeting the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model with the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment
Nuclear Structure Studies of ¹⁹O, ²⁷Mg, and ²⁹Al Using in-Beam γ-Ray Spectroscopy
Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles √s = 13 TeV Utilizing a Multivariate Approach
Nuclear Structure of Neutron Rich ²⁶Na and the Lifetimes and Electromagnetic Transitions in Neutron Rich ²²F