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Probing Interior Materials
Bed and Breakfast Design Accomodating the Traveling Preferences of the Retired Baby          Boomers
Conflict Resolution and the Interior Built Environment
Interiors for the American Food Revolution
Encouraging an Urban Sense of Community for Young Professionals in a Mixed-Use Development Through Interior Design
Subjective Well-Being and the Built Environment
Interior Design Studio Built Environment
Historic 32nd Street Baptist Church Reborn
Mobile Community Center
Human Connection to Nature within the Built Environment
Residential Mixed-Use, Urban Infill Project
Graphic Resonance Through Time
Effect of Ambient Factors in the Design and Branding of the Restaurant Environment
Use of Porches in A New Urbanist Community
Educational Facilities
State of Evidence-Based Design in Healthcare Interior Design Practice
Design Program for a Girl Scout Urban Campus
Privacy and Social Needs of Women in Contemporary Kuwaiti Homes
Role of the Saudi Arabian Mosque in Preserving Culture and Enhancing Community Connectedness
Symbology of Interior Design
Sustainable Design as Second Nature
Exploration of the Advantages and Challenges to Sustainable University Buildings
Underground Office
Redesign of a Mixed-Use Building
Defining Fundamental Needs for Primary School Design in Haiti
Growing Home and Neomorphism Creating Living Structures and a New Design Language
Empowering Our Elders
Creation of Social Retail Spaces Through the Integration of Omni-Channel Retail Practices and Branding
Narrative-Style Traveling Exhibition on Homelessness and Design's Potential to Create Change
Impact of Branded Environments on User Preferences in Coffee Shops and Cafés
Intercultural Connection and the Built Environment in an American University
Integrating the Built Environment and the Individual
Discovering, Testing and Applying a Preliminary Framework of Holistic Wellness Design in a Pediatric Oncology Facility
Rules, Restrictions and Resident Empowerment in Domestic Violence Shelter Design
What I Wish I Knew
Study of Millennial Student Learning Preferences
University's Responsibility to Campus Sustainability
Inclusive Design Close to Home
Repurposing the Suburban Mcmansion
Christian Home Groups
Seeking Effective Agri-Tecture
Designing a Shared, Collaborative Office Space to Accommodate Young and Aging          Employees
Interior Design Identity
Place of Their Own
Influence of Biophilic Classroom Design Features on South Korean Special Needs Students' Emotional Behaviors
Design Practitioner Perceptions, Attitudes, and Barriers
Psychosis in Schizophrenia
Visitor Center Design and Possibilities for Visitor Engagement at ad Dir'Iyah Heritage Site