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Two Essays on the Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Anomaly
Market Efficiency and Market Anomalies
Two Essays on the Predictive Ability of Implied Volatility
Caught Up in the (Higher) Moments
Why Do Insiders Hold the Shares Acquired from the Exercise of Executive Stock          Options
Improving the Relationship Between Archaeologists and Non-Archaeologists Involved in          the Excavation of African American Cemeteries
Mutual and Exchange Traded Funds
Search for Paleoindian Contexts in Florida and the Adjacent Southeast
University's Responsibility to Campus Sustainability
Art and Mystery of Shipbuilding"
28 January 1980, Blackthorn and Capricorn
Tests of the Information Content of Derivatives Prices
Slavery and Its Aftermath
Essays on the Forecasting Power of Implied Volatility
Stochastic Models and Inferences for Commodity Futures Pricing
Archaeology of Florida's US Life-Saving Service Houses of Refuge and Life-Saving Stations