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Robustness of the Heat Released from the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Cell to the Atmosphere
Important Contributing Factors for Estimating the Active and Total Whitecap Coverage Globally Using Satellite-Derived Parameters
Investigation of the Impacts of Greenland Ice Sheet Melting on the along-Shelf Flow on Greenland Shelves and the Labrador Sea Deep Convection
Role of Equatorial Pacific Currents in El Nino and El Nino Prediction
Barrier Layer Development Local to Tropical Cyclones
Dynamics-Guided Analysis of Tropical Waves
Coupling Ocean Currents and Waves with Wind Stress over the Gulf Stream
Examining Interannual Variability of the Short Rains for Different Categories of Wet and Dry Years
Analysis of the 10–20-Day Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Indian Ocean Using Surface Winds from Composite Satellite Data
Flash Characteristics and Precipitation Metrics of Western U.S. Lightning-Initiated Wildfires
Have Improvements in Ozone Air Quality Benefitted Plants?
Understanding Microphysics of Snowflakes and Snow Precipitation Process Using Spaceborne Microwave Measurements
Diagnosing the Atmospheric Phenomena Associated with the Onset and Demise of the Rainy Season in Mesoamerica
Quantification of Stokes Drift as a Mechanism for Surface Oil Advection in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Circulation Dynamics and Larval Transport Mechanisms in the Florida Big Bend
Impacts of Model Coupling and Resolution on Air-Sea Fluxes for 1993 Superstorm
Analysis of Polar Mesocyclonic Surface Turbulent Fluxes in the Arctic System Reanalysis (ASRv1) Dataset
Simulating the Impacts and Sensitivity of the Southeastern United States Climatology to Irrigation
On the Single-Scattering Properties of Realistic Snowflakes
Development and Evolution of Convective Bursts in WRF Simulations of Hurricanes Dean (2007) and Bill (2009)
Characterizing the Onset and Demise of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Adjustment of Visually Observed Ship Winds (Beaufort Winds) in ICOADS
Climate Variability of the Arctic from an Isentropic Potential Vorticity Perspective
Developing New Datasets to Evaluate Tropospheric Photochemistry and the Effects of Ozone Uptake in the Biosphere
Wave and Wind Direction Effects on Ocean Surface Emissivity Measurements in High Wind Conditions
Local Cooling Despite Global Warming
Origin of the North Atlantic Clod Blob Revisited
Surface and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Responses to Diurnal Variations of Sea Surface Temperature in an NWP Model
WRF Nested Large-Eddy Simulations of Deep Convection during SEAC4RS
Improving Satellite-Based Snowfall Estimation
Ice versus Liquid Water Saturation in Regional Climate Simulations of the Indian Summer Monsoon
Two-Way Feedback between Air-Sea Turbulent Fluxes and Oceanic Submesoscale Processes
Diagnosing Tropical Cyclone Risk Through the Development of a Landfall Index for the North Atlantic Basin
Hurricane Boundary Layer Structure during Intensity Change
HWRF Analysis and Forecast Impact of CYGNSS Observations Assimilated as Scalar Wind Speeds and as VAM Wind Vectors
Movement and Fate of Natural and Unnatural Oil Slicks in the Gulf of Mexico