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Simple derivation of the Fong-Wandzura pulse sequence
Spin correlations and topological entanglement entropy in a non-Abelian spin-one spin liquid
Systematically generated two-qubit anyon braids
Tuning the Photoluminescence of Halide Perovskites
Ultrafast Dynamics in Warm Dense Matter Materials and Halide Perovskite
Magnetic Ordering and Magnetotransport at Molecular and Nano Scales
Transport Properties of Semimetallic Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Relativistic Mean Field Models for Finite Nuclei and Neutron Stars
Non-Abelian Quantum Error Correction
Experimental Techniques for Rare Isotope Beam Experiments, and a Study of the Breakout from the Hot CNO-Cycle Through the 19Ne(P,γ)20Na Reaction
Structural Stability and Emergent Phases in Oxygen Deficient Complex Transition Metal Oxides
Nanoscale Thermal Transport and Ultrafast Lattice Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures
Specific Heat Investigation of High-Temperature Superconductors
Topological Quantum Phase Transitions and Quench Dynamics
Backbending, Seniority and Pauli Blocking of Pairing Correlations at High Rotational Frequencies in Rapidly Rotating Nuclei
Photoresponse and Charge Transport in Halide Perovskites
Topological Materials and Their Interfaces
21F Higher Spin Structures in ²⁵Na and ²¹F
High-Field Magnetoresistance in Lanthanum-Based Cuprate Superconductors
Edge Spin Excitations and Reconstructions of Quantum Hall Liquids
DC Transport in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems under Strong Microwave Illumination
Ultrafast Dynamics in Laser-Induced Warm Dense Matter and Quantum Dots
Quantum Entanglement and Coherence in Molecular Magnets
Quantum Oscillations in Two Dimensional Dirac and Weyl Semimetals
Entangling Qubits by Heisenberg Spin Exchange and Anyon Braiding
Transitions Metal Dichalcogenides
Spin Transport and Nanomagnetism in Semiconductor Heterostructures
Impurities and Defects in Mott Systems
Entanglement Entropy and Entanglement Hamiltonian as Characterizations of Phases and Phase Transitions
Fabrication and Characterization of Heterogeneous Nanowires
Developing Multi-Frequency EPR Methods for Studying Protein-Lipid Interactions on the HIV Membrane
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Mononuclear Trigonal Bipyramidal Single Molecule Magnets