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Judge Pierre Crabitès
Analysis of the Ethnographic Significance of the Iñupiaq Video Game Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
Fostering mental health for nine-year-olds
Prison Experiences, Social Ties, and Inmate Behavior
Ethical Arguments for the Use of Cognitive Enhancers
Building Worlds
Ultimate and Proximate Regulation of Developmental Polyphenism in Spadefoot Toads
Effects of Process-Oriented and Product-Oriented Worked Examples and Prior Knowledge on Learner Problem Solving and Attitude
Analysis of the Function of Systemic Variables within Forgiving and Unforgiving Families
Holding Pattern
Study of the e/pi ratio for the shashlik detector via simulated proton collision          events
Improving the Wireless Link Reliability of a Flight Termination System
Detrital Zircon Dating of the Kodiak Accretionary Complex; South Alaska
Cognitive Control of Acute Symptoms during a 35% Co2 Challenge
Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Surface Albedo over Africa
Piano Trios of Nino Rota and the Art Songs of Franco Alfano on Poetry of Rabindranath Tagore
Effect of Save Our Homes on the Probability of Sale
Chromatin-Based Regulation and Maintenance of the Human Genome
Still the Girl
Tears of a Clown
Saladoid Economy and Complexity on the Arawakan Frontier
Magnetic Field-Dependent Electronic Structures of Low Dimensional Organic Materials
Automated Face Tracking and Recognition
Sponges in Captivity
workshop as a means of in-service growth for teachers of Walton County
Astor Piazzolla’s Concierto Para Quinteto
Optical Enhancement of Lipid Multilayer Gratings with Gold Nanoparticles
Assessment of Triboluminescent Materials for In-Situ Health Monitoring
Asterisk Comics
Use of Collaborative Goal Setting to Impact Instructional Aide Implementation of a          School-Wide Behavior Management System
Spatiotemporal Inhomogeneity of Mixed Rossby-Gravity Waves
Visions of Human Labor in Nature in 20th Century American Literature
Theodore Thomas's 1902 Performance of Bach's B-Minor Mass
Immigrant Incarceration in Context
Kinetics and Applications of Polyelectrolyte Membranes and Multilayers
Making the Sport Consumer
Online Composition Classes Call for a Pedagogical Paradigm Shift
Analysis of Climate Feedback Contributions to the Land/Sea Warming Contrast
Institutional Lens on Firm Responses to Activism
Can't Choose Your Family, and other stories
Testing Free Speech in Our Conflicted Democracy
hidden cost of tuition in the secondary schools of Gadsden County, Florida
Role of Memory in a Structural Priming Task
Exploring the Effect of Cognitive Load on the Propensity for Query Reformulation Behavior
Relationship Between Teachers' Lexical Diversity and Their Students' Vocabulary Growth in Written Language Samples
Military Veteran Use of Visual Journaling during Recovery
Octocorals of Alaska
Distance spaces
Avoiding Interference