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Exploring Sensory Aspects and Environments in Film
Genetic and environmental influences on growth in oral reading fluency
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Kv1.3
Condensin recruitment to the DNA double-strand break in meiosis
Assessing Barriers To Healthcare
Finding reality: unofficial collaborators and the dynamic between state and citizens in former East Germany
Package Design and Consumer Brand Perception
Cross – Sectional Study Comparing Body Composition, Bone Mineral Density, Strength, Power, Quality of Life Between Short-term and Long-term Breast Cancer Survivors
Structure Determination of NADPH Dependent Sulfite Reductase Flavoprotein
Great Britain's commonwealth relationship vis a vis the common market
Conservation Worldwide
content analysis of product placement of African-American-oriented programming on United Paramount Network.
Redeveloping Las Colonias
Effects of punishment, reinforcement and variations of group consensus on conformity
The military policies of Jefferson and Madison and unpreparedness in 1812
Britain's foreign-exchange crises since World War II
Machine Based Gambling
Camus as a dramatist
Pipedream: a screenplay
Legends of the Isle
Visions of womanhood: submission, purity, and femininity in modern evangelical movements
Chemotactic Strategies in Marine Bacteria
Synthesis and Characterization of SN Doped CEIN3
Nucleosome positioning on reconstituted nucleosomes
Life History and Sexual Risk Taking
Notch Overexpression During Epithelial Tumorigenesis: The Role Of NICD As An Oncogene In An Lgl Knockdown System
Effects of Repeated and Varied Exposure on Intelligibility of Hyperkinetic Speech
Optimizing Crystallization Conditions of Dimeric Sulfite Reductase