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power and performance measurement framework for server-class storage.
Photo Responses of Electrical Transport in a 1D Metal-Halide Hybrid
Case Study of 2010 Hurricane Karl to Evaluate the Precipitation Forecasts of the Post          Updated 2010 Global Ensemble Forecast System
Social criticism in the American novel, 1900 to 1940
The impact of the American Civil War upon selected Latin American consular and diplomatic posts
Will and Ethics of Belief
Physiological Processes of Romantic Relationships
Cultural, Social, and Environmental Effects of Tourism
Analysis of Cultural Materials from Mission San Lorenzo de Ivitachuco (8JE100)
Inotropic Effect of Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate on Arrthymias in Ischemic Mouse Heart
The effects of zinc deficiency on sucrose ingestive behavior in the rat
Informal solutions to the collective action problem: recycling at Florida State University.
Importance of Sea Power
Helping June Cleaver: what teachers can do when parents stop parenting
The economic impact of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act on three United States communities
Songwriter's Vision
Creativity and insight
W Boson Production Charge Asymmetry in the Electron Channel
The conflict model as a mode of analysis for the American criminal justice system
Recycle centers: promoting hands-on learning in the classroom
Rentention Rates in American Anabaptists
Dead Elements
La representación literaria de la mujer y la identidad nacional en Puerto Rico: Julia de Burgos, Esmeralda Santiago y Ana Lydia Vega.
German-Polish relations leading up to the Czechoslovakian crisis of 1938
study of floral anatomy in different species of Platanthera
Interface Binding of the Escherichia coli Sulfite Reductase Flavoprotein Subunit
Faux Finishes
exploratory investigation of optimal retail selling strategies, motivation, and intercultural communication competence
Developing an action-research model of technology-based alternative education for at-risk and delinquent youth.
Musical Gesture
Advancing Diabetes Care
Function of Motor Protein Cin8 in Chromosome Bipolar Attachment
Metamemory: exploring the underconfidence-with-practice effect in judgments of learning.
Gender role as identified by MMPI-2 and the crimes of incarcerated women
Unemployment: an objective examination
reflection on the progress of penal thought in carcerally exceptional America, and the Nordic rehabilitative ideal
French design: current trends in furniture
Protein folding on a cubic lattice: The CHCC method
Species-specific soil legacy effects on the performance of seedlings of two dune plant species
Examining the relationship of peer perceptions of academic ability to sociometric status for African American and European American children
The United States-Japan trade imbalance as a source of trade friction in the 1980's
Effect of Cognitive Load on Distraction During Visual Search
Underlying Mechanisms of Dystonia
Development of expertise in ballet dancers
Hidden Hunters and Absent Agriculturalists
Effect of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in a Model of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Constraints on the Strange Quark Parton Distribution Function from Weak Vector Boson Production
Glucose and diet-induced obesity modulation of ion channel biophysics
Porphyry as neoplatonic exegete: a contextual evaluation of "On the Cave of Nymphs"