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Bethel chimes: a collection of new songs for the Sabbath school, church, and home
The Musical carcanet: a choice collection of the most admired popular songs, arranged for the voice, flute, and violin
What Are the Wild Waves Saying!
Now that You Love Me!
Why No One to Love?
Sinfonia A 7 in F major (1749) by Johann Samuel Endler (1694-1762)
Southron's Watchword
Yes we think of thee at home
Special sacred songs
Orleans Cadets Quick Step
Castles in the air, A Scotch song
Gen. Mercer's Grand March
Brave Boys are They
Santa, Lucia
Special sacred songs: compiled and arranged for use in the Northfield conferences. No. 2
There's Life in the Old Land Yet
international lesson hymnal
Drummer Boy of Shiloh
Cottage by the Sea
Our First President's Quickstep
God will Defend the Right
Gen. Braxton Bragg's Grand March
We Have Parted
Dixy Quick Step
Harvest bells: a new collection of religious songs, for sabbath schools, and prayer and revival meetings. No. 2
Somebody's Darling
All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night
New Red White & Blue
Melodies of Gospel hymns consolidated
Tears and triumphs
Billows of song
Do they miss me at home [incomplete]
Murmur of the Shell
Soldier's Grave
Dixie's Land
Leonore Polka
Grand March
Maryland, My Maryland
Kiss Me Before I Die, Mother
Mule Schottisch
Confederates' Polka March
Dixie, the Land of King Cotton
C'est vous! Romance
No One to Love
Virginia and Last Rose of Summer]
Soldier's Grave